5 Mental Health Articles by Hockey Players

The Players Tribune is a great site. They feature first hand accounts from players and personalities around the world of sports. Here are 5 articles where players share their struggles with mental health.

Everything’s Not O.K. – Nick Boynton (NHL tough guy)

Depression, anxiety, mental-health issues … that sort of stuff can seem invisible sometimes to those on the outside, but it’s worse than anything else I’ve ever dealt with – Nick Boynton

I’m Not Connor McDavid – Ben Meisner (minor league goaltender)

I’m only alive today because ultimately I did reach out for help. – Ben Meisner

Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark – Corey Hirsch (NHL goaltender)

Darkness. Pure, relentless darkness. For no reason. – Corey Hirsch

Bleeding Out – Clint Malarchuk (NHL goaltender)

I began to struggle with all sorts of anxiety and depression and paranoia, and it just kept getting worse and worse.- Clint Malarchuk

If I Should Die – Kendra Fisher (Canadian National Team)

And the worst part of it was, I didn’t understand why. There was no trauma to speak of. No tangible trigger. – Kendra Fisher