Donation Made to Skating Club of Wilmington

Pictured left to right are Bill McGlinchey (SCW President), Peter Bilous ( SCW General Manager), Mark Olazagasti (ONF Vice President), Al Gallo (ONF Treasurer), and Richard Roux (ONF President).

Money raised by the Open Net Foundation (ONF) typically goes directly to help childhood related health issues. This year the foundation ran a special fund raising campaign to help the Skating Club of Wilmington (SCW) and Patriot Ice Center (PIC) as the rinks struggled to deal with COVID-19 closings. Open Net Foundation events have been closely tied to the health of local ice arenas and the ONF felt the need to provide financial support through fund raising. The money donated to help SCW will be used for upgrades and maintenance to one of the compressors and the coolant distribution system. Additionally, the money is being used to purchase electro-static sprayers for disinfecting the SCW facility. These sprayers increase the efficiency of required cleaning protocols while insuring effective delivery of the disinfectant to surfaces throughout the facility.

During the campaign, the PIC was sold and the majority of funds raised were directed to SCW while donors also had the option to receive a refund or direct their donation to the ONF general fund to help childhood related health issues.