Face Off for Juvenile Arthritis

We are excited to announce that our next Open Net Foundation event is on Friday November 8th. We will host the Open Net adult over 30 game at 6:30 PM followed by the UD vs. Navy game at 8:30PM at Fred Rust Arena.   Money raised from this year’s event will benefit our fight against Juvenile Arthritis and help the UD Division 1 Ice Hockey team.

Participate In Adult Game

  • For players age 30 and over
  • Raise $125 or more from friends and family individual sponsors
  • Top 3 fundraisers will be recognized with an award
  • Game time 6:30 PM

Buy Tickets

  • Buy a block of tickets for your organization or friends and family
  • general admission tickets – $5
  • V.I.P. tickets – $20 ;  enjoy food and drink in the superbox/lounge

Spread the word in the youth and adult hockey community. Youth Hockey programs can purchase tickets at ½ price ($2.50 and resell them got $5.00) to raise money for their hockey program. Contact rich@opennetfoundation.org for info