High School Baseball Showcase

The Open Net Foundation (ONF) High School Showcase game is a charity baseball game for high school age players in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland area. The game will be played at Blue Rocks Stadium in Wilmington, Delaware. Proceeds from the game will support Ronald McDonald House. The Open Net Foundation is a non-profit 501c corporation that helps put a “check” on childhood related illnesses and diseases.

  • Two teams of High School age players will square off in a single game called the Open Net Foundation High School Showcase Game on Friday September 23rd, 2016 at 7PM
  • Each team will have 12 players. Since we have limited space, a short player application must be completed and confirmed by the Open Net Foundation before the player will be placed on a roster.
  • Each player will be issued a T-shirt prior to the game to wear for the team that they are assigned to. Players are requested to bring their own white pants with or without stripe and a baseball cap of their choice.
  • The entire line-up will bat and free substitution rules will be in effect to allow all players to play in the field a minimum of 5 innings.
  • 7 inning game with pitchers allowed a maximum of one inning in order to give at least 7 kids from each team a chance to pitch. Coaches will select pitchers. Please indicate pitcher as one of your positions if you would like to be considered as a pitcher.
  • The ONF will invite players from local high schools in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.
  • Players will be introduced before the game over the public address system and posted on the large screen at the baseball field.
  • The batting order will be determined by the amount of money raised and posted online by each player as of 1PM on September 21, 2016 two days before the game. This will allow us time to put the batting order in our game program. Please secure your donations early and often to try and win a top spot in the batting order.
  • Once teams have been selected, the higher your rank in raising funds for the Open Net Foundation the earlier you bat in the batting order.
  • The top 3 fund raisers will receive an award. Award winners will be determined based on the official rankings at 1 PM on September 23rd the day of the game. See requirements below for more details.
  • Players must use BBCOR certified -3 bats or approved High School wood bats


In order to be placed on one of the teams, a player must raise at least $100 for the Open Net Foundation. Players can raise money in several ways.

  • Secure donations from friends and family using our online contribution pages at our official Rally Up website. Each player will be given a web page and simple instructions for how to make donations online. Players can personalize their web pages with action photos and positive messages.
  • Secure a company sponsor for $250 that would like their company logo and URL in the player program. Companies can use the same Rally up site to sponsor a player or they can mail a check to Open Net Foundation PO Box 5355 Wilmington, DE 19808 and email the electronic company logo (PDF or JPEG) and URL to rouxr@comcast.net
  • Simply make a donation of $100 or more by check and send to Open Net Foundation PO Box 5355 Wilmington, DE 19808

[alert style=”info”]Regardless of which method you use, each player will be set up with a page on the Open Net Foundation partner Rally Up contribution web site. You can customize the player page with pictures and your own personal message or simply list the players name on the page. Players are encouraged to share the link to their player contribution page with family and friends so that they can sponsor you with a contribution to the Open Net Foundation.

The top three donation fund raisers will receive an award.[/alert]

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